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  • Dr. Gregory Lutz


It was more than 13 years ago that a veterinarian introduced Dr. Gregory Lutz to platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Lutz had a lame horse suffering from a tendon injury. With the help of a portable ultrasound, the veterinary physician drew the horse's blood, spun it in a centrifuge, and injected it into the tendon, right there in the stall. Within a few weeks, the horse was running around like a pony. That inspired Dr. Lutz to research this treatment for his own patients.


With more than 30 years of clinical experience under his belt, Dr. Lutz has proven himself to be a driving force in today’s regenerative medicine movement. He has co-authored more than 60 scientific publications on the topic of PRP and continues to research the power of this treatment to improve outcomes.


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