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Affecting more than 580 million people worldwide, degenerative disc disease is considered to be the number-one cause of disability globally. The mission of the Regenerative SportsCare Foundation (RSF) is to find a cure for degenerative disc disease, and our research and clinically-proven results have brought regenerative medicine into the mainstream. RSF's ongoing studies strive to advance and optimize the science of interventional orthobiologics. 



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RSI+ founder Dr. Gregory Lutz has spent his medical career in search of a better solution for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease and restoring spine health. In Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain, he shares his groundbreaking research and practical experience using regenerative medicine to treat patients with chronic low back pain safely and effectively—without drugs or surgery.

All proceeds from sales of Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain benefit the Regenerative SportsCare Foundation (RSF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to find a cure for degenerative disc disease. 

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The Regenerative SportsCare Foundation (RSF) is driven by research, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for degenerative disc disease. Since its founding in 2016, RSF's work has been published in more than 14 highly-respected, peer-reviewed medical journals.

In addition, RSF is currently conducting several clinical studies, including:


A comparison of cell counts using two different methods of harvesting autologous cells from bone marrow


A comparison of cell counts using two different commercially available PRP extraction systems


A prospective pilot study of the safety and efficacy of cervical intradiscal LR-PRP


Growth factor analysis of the new DiscCath™ specialized PRP extraction system


A clinical study of the new DiscCath™ intradiscal specialized PRP system in patients with degenerative disc disease


raising awareness about regenerative medicine

In addition to conducting research to find a cure for degenerative disc disease, which is the most common cause of low back pain, the Regenerative SportsCare Foundation (RSF) also strives to educate physicians who have a passion for regenerative medicine.

RSF proudly sponsors fellowships for graduates of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency programs who have a strong interest in Interventional Sports and Spine Medicine and orthobiologic therapies. Over the course of this 12-month program, fellows receive hands-on clinical training with our exemplary staff, as well as the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research that will further our mission to optimize the potential of regenerative medicine and interventional orthobiologics.

To apply, please send your CV, a cover letter indicating reasons for interest, and two letters of recommendation commenting on research skills, clinical skills and procedural skills to Dr. Gregory Lutz at Letters of reference should be emailed directly from the office of the person writing the letter. For those still in training, one letter of recommendation must be from the director of your current program.

Dr. K

Dr. Kyriakides, RSI+'s current Interventional Spine and Regenerative Orthopedics fellow. 

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