About RSI

Our Philosophy

About RSI

Located in between Park and Madison Avenues in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill, the Regenerative SportsCare Institute (RSI) is New York’s outpatient hub for nonsurgical, regenerative, interventional orthopedic care. RSI provides all services under one roof—from MRI and X-Ray imaging to interventional orthopedic procedures administered by experienced, academically-affiliated physicians. This enables RSI physicians to image, diagnose, and treat many of our patients at the same site, often in the span of one morning or afternoon.

Our Philosophy

Built by physicians for patients—foundationally designed with patients’ interests at the center.

Dr. Gregory Lutz, Physiatrist-in-Chief Emeritus at Hospital for Special Surgery, founded RSI in 2016 with the intention of reinventing the way musculoskeletal care is delivered.

Our creed as RSI physicians is to emphasize the least invasive options first, which we believe is in keeping with patients’ best interests.

We believe minimally-invasive, interventional and regenerative orthopedic procedures should often be considered before surgery, for most conditions, as first-line-of-defense treatment options for injuries that have failed conservative measures.

Whether a patient suffers from knee osteoarthritis, discogenic low back pain, or chronic tendonitis, our approach is the same—fewer drugs and surgeries, and more physical rehabilitation and interventional treatments that aim to address the root cause of a patient’s pain to restore mobility and improve his or her quality of life.

The RSI Experience

Same-Day Diagnosis and Treatment

We believe patients should not have to wait days and weeks to coordinate imaging, exams, and treatment. So we built RSI to accommodate all services under one roof.

RSI is initiating a paradigm shift toward a model of musculoskeletal care that is focused on the needs of the patient, where patients are examined, diagnosed, and treated—often in the same day and at the same site—with safe and effective treatments.  

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