Regenerative SportsCare Institute

RSI is a team of sports medicine physicians who specialize in treating acute and chronic injuries of the spine, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, and extremity—without surgery.
Our mission is simple:

Spine & Joint Preservation

Our approach:

Helping your body heal itself

We believe the human body contains some of the most powerful medicine available for certain patients suffering from acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain: autologous cells.

By harvesting, concentrating, and injecting our patients’ own cells directly into the site of the injury, under fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance, we aim to enhance the body‘s innate self-healing mechanisms. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other autologous cell therapies tap into the same regenerative process that heals a scraped knee or a cut finger—we just take that process deeper inside the body. In essence, we harness patients’ own cells and deliver them to where we believe they have the best chance at promoting faster and longer-lasting repair.

More Efficient. More Personal. Better Outcomes.

We feel that patients should not have to wait days and weeks to coordinate MRI appointments with physician consultations and treatment. So we built RSI to accommodate consultations, imaging, and procedures all at the same site, enabling us to diagnose and treat many of our patients in the same day. In other words, we’ve got your back… and your knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, and elbow.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Gregory

Dr. Gregory Lutz

Physiatrist-in-Chief Emeritus
Hospital for Special Surgery

Professor of Clinical
Rehabilitation Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Christopher

Dr. Christopher Lutz - NYC

Assistant Attending Physiatrist
Hospital for Special Surgery

Assistant Professor of Clinical
Rehabilitation Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Jennifer


Attending Physiatrist

Regenerative SportsCare Institute

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