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Our goal is to help you heal your orthopedic injuries without drugs or surgery. Our focus is to provide you with state-of-the-art, concierge-level regenerative orthopedic medicine.



optimize your body's ability to heal

The human body is home to the most powerful medicine available for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries—and it’s found in your own cells. By harvesting, isolating and injecting specific components of our patient’s own blood and tissues directly into the site of the injury, we can enhance the body‘s natural self-healing mechanisms.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other autologous cell therapies mimic the same reparative process that heals a scraped knee or a cut finger. We extend that process deeper into the body by delivering a high concentration of cells with the most regenerative potential to the precise location where they are needed for healing and repair.

We invented our own PRP devices designed to produce the highest concentrations of healing cells and proteins (growth factors), in order to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. Our regenerative orthopedic medicine specialists are expertly trained to precisely place this specialized PRP where needed to help you heal.

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what is measured can be better managed to improve outcomes

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest emerging fields in medicine. Critically evaluating our outcomes, measuring the dose of cells we inject, and optimizing our delivery methods to be more precise will improve the safety and efficacy of these procedures. We are an "Institute" because we perform groundbreaking research and innovation. Our patients support our research directly through the Regenerative SportsCare Foundation (RSF).


of early intervention with
regenerative medicine

Enhanced spine and joint wellness

Increased potential for complete healing

Decreased downtime 

Improved mobility + improved overall health

Less risk than drugs or surgery

Reduced need for long-term opioid use

Lower long-term healthcare costs



RSI+ is the first interventional orthobiologic practice in the world that offers a groundbreaking, proprietary intradiscal procedure that provides superior cell extraction and unsurpassed delivery precision. The DiscCath™ Intradiscal PRP Procedure was developed to help patients heal painful tears inside their discs. Invented by RSI+ founder Dr. Gregory Lutz and his team, this outpatient procedure takes less that one hour to perform and is supported by years of research.


regenerative medicine therapeutic suites

Located between Park and Madison Avenues in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill, The Regenerative SportsCare Institute (RSI+) is New York’s outpatient hub for regenerative orthopedic medicine. RSI+ provides all services under one roof—from MRI, ultrasound, and X-ray imaging to interventional orthopedic procedures administered by our experienced, board-certified, regenerative orthopedic medicine specialists. This enables us to examine, image, diagnose and treat many of our patients at the same site, often in the span of one morning or afternoon.

Procedure Room
Waiting Room


evaluation + treatment

Our concierge service includes the time-saving benefits of a full-body clinical evaluation, open-MRI imaging and orthobiologic treatment, often in one appointment. Our goal is to expedite relief and help patients avoid unnecessary office visits


innovative procedures

Our exceptional team of regenerative orthopedic medicine specialists are dedicated to treating acute injuries and chronic pain associated with the spine, joints and tendons. Regardless of the specific issue, we treat the body, and the patient, as a whole. Our primary focus is on regenerative medicine treatments.

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