What is Intradiscal PRP Therapy?

Intradiscal PRP is an outpatient procedure that uses the patient’s own blood platelet cells to stimulate healing in the spinal disc. Spinal discs have a limited blood supply, and therefore poor inherent healing potential. By placing a high concentration of a patient’s own healing platelets directly at the site of injury or degeneration in the disc, the healing potential is increased dramatically.

What is Intradiscal PRP?


What are the Benefits of the Intradiscal PRP Procedure?

For many patients, Intradiscal PRP offers not only significant pain relief, but also remarkable improvement in function. Intradiscal PRP promotes the healing process, enabling patients to ultimately return to even higher levels of activity than were possible before their procedure. RSI has helped hundreds of patients not only avoid more aggressive spinal fusion surgery, but also eliminate the need for long-term medications.

Benefits of Intradiscal PRP include:


Patients’ own cells are used to promote healing


Intradiscal PRP has the potential to truly ‘cure’ the disc instead of simply alleviating symptoms


The procedure is performed in approximately 60 minutes


Intradiscal PRP may eliminate the need for invasive and

The procedure can also be repeated if necessary.

Who is a candidate for Intradiscal PRP?

Intradiscal PRP is intended for patients who have not achieved pain relief through more conservative approaches (medication, behaviour modification, and physical therapy).

Intradiscal PRP is shown to be beneficial for patients suffering from pain that originates from the spinal disc. The RSI research team is investigating whether PRP is as effective as an epidural injection around inflamed nerves and arthritic facet joints.

Certain factors may prevent Dr. Lutz from recommending a particular procedure for a patient’s condition.

Such factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe disc height narrowing
  • Severe disc herniation
  • Spinal instability
  • Severe stenosis
  • Various general health concerns
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