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Over the past two years, we made exciting progress as part of a research team at Hospital for Special Surgery, initiating and publishing several outcomes studies on minimally invasive treatments for conditions that ranged from degenerative disc disease to gluteus medius tendinopathy. The (occasionally tedious) peer-review process has left us humbled and shrewd outcomes researchers, and now as part of the Regenerative SportsCare Institute, we look forward to continuing to embrace rigorous reviews of our research so that patients and providers alike can be provided the most accurate information on emerging treatments encompassed by this relatively new field of medicine.

On our blog, we will write about the newest and most promising findings in regenerative medicine, recap our published work, and provide updates on our ongoing/upcoming research projects. Our blog will collectively serve as a resource for patients to learn more about the frontier of minimally invasive biologic treatments for musculoskeletal conditions.

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