Success Stories

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection for Achilles Tendon Tear

Pre-Injection MRI

Achilles Heal Pre-PRP Injection

Post-Injection MRI

Achilles Heal Post-PRP Injection

  • A 70-year old male presented to Lutz Clinic with one week of persistent left calf pain. Initial treatment consisted of 2 weeks of relative rest and use of a Cam Walker boot after which the patient reported no pain.
  • However, 5 weeks after the injury the patient attempted to resume playing tennis resulting in an immediate return of pain. After an MRI of his ankle revealed a partial tear of his Achilles tendon, he proceeded to undergo an ultrasound guided PRP injection into the affected tendon.
  • Two months after the injection, the patient returned for a follow-up visit with Dr. Lutz and reported improvement in his pain, but continued to show signs of weakness.
  • A second PRP injection was then performed. Two months after his second PRP injection, the patient underwent a repeat MRI that showed significant interval healing of his previously torn Achilles tendon.
  • At one year follow-up, the patient remained pain-free.
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