Success Stories

Improved MRI Findings After Intradiscal PRP Injection

  • 42 year old male marathon runner with persistent low back pain for a year
  • Patient’s pain was exacerbated by running and standing for long periods
  • Patient experienced no significant improvement with oral medication, physical therapy, or epidural steroid injection
  • Was considering lumbar fusion surgery
  • After undergoing Intradiscal PRP at both the L4/5 and L5/S1 levels, patient experienced significant pain improvement and range of motion in just 6 weeks
  • One year later, our patient was competing at a high level as a marathon runner


Marathon Runner PRP Pre-Op

1.5 Year Post-Op

Marathon Runner PRP Post-Op

Follow-up MRI actually revealed increased T‑2 signal of both discs suggesting regenerative changes.

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