Spine Conditions
Herniated Discs

Herniated DiscA herniation of disc material into the spinal canal does not occur unless there is a tear of the annulus. Herniations are defined according to the progression of severity as either a bulge, a protrusion, an extrusion, or a sequestered fragment. Clinical studies show that early intervention with Intradiscal PRP prevents the progressive tearing of the annulus that can lead to this phenomenon and the subsequent nerve injury associated with this condition. Once the herniation occurs, treatment with Intradiscal PRP is not appropriate. Dr. Lutz treats the majority of patients with herniated discs and nerve injury through image-guided injections of anti-inflammatory medication directly at the site of the herniation. This is coupled with a goal-directed spinal rehabilitation program of core strengthening exercises. Surgery is rarely recommended, but reserved for those who do not respond or have progressive weakness in their legs.

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