Spine Conditions
Disc Tears

Torn DiscAge, poor posture, and injury weaken the spinal discs, causing cracks or tears (annular fissures) to develop in the disc wall. Because spinal discs are filled with small nerve endings and blood vessels, these tears can develop into a source of chronic pain in many patients. The adult disc has a poor blood supply which in turn limits its inherent ability to heal. We have seen torn tendons heal with the direct application of PRP to these tears. The same collagen that composes tendons, composes the outer fibrous rings of the disc. We extrapolated that, if PRP could work in tendons, it might also work in the disc. Both preclinical (lab and animal studies) and now our clinical (human) studies support this theory. We have been performing Intradiscal PRP since 2009 offering hundreds of patients, not only significant pain relief and functional improvement, but also healing of their damaged discs. Dr. Lutz believes that Intradiscal PRP should be considered prior to any surgical intervention in the majority of patients with chronic low back pain.

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