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Beatty Teaches Ultrasound at National Conference

Beatty Teaches Ultrasound at National Conference

The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR) Annual Assembly kicked off last week on October 11th in Denver, Colorado. The week-long meeting serves as the leading event for continuing medical education in the PM&R field and is the largest annual gathering of physiatrists in the country. RSI’s Dr. Nicholas Beatty served as teaching faculty for musculoskeletal ultrasound in a course titled Ultrasound-guided Lower Limb Injection Workshop, which took place last Thursday.


Dr. Beatty, a registered musculoskeletal sonographer (RMSK), instructed attendees in proper technique and safety considerations for ultrasound-guided injections of the hip, knee, and ankle. Dr. Beatty noted, “Ultrasound is a powerful extension of the physical exam that can provide additional diagnostic information in treating sports injuries. I also use ultrasound to maximize the safety and efficacy of interventional procedures, and ultimately get patients feeling better in the short-term but equally important—long-term.”


In addition to teaching at the AAPMR, Dr. Beatty will be overseeing ultrasound workshops throughout the year with the New York Society of PM&R, where he serves as Chair of the Workshops Committee.

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