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Stem Cells: What are they and what do they do?

Do we use embryonic stem cells? Short answer—no. The regenerative procedures we offer at RSI involve only the patient’s own (autologous) cells—harvested from blood or bone marrow—to initiate and expedite the healing process. Stem cells are an extraordinary—if...

Why We Don’t Take Insurance (It’s Not Because We Are Greedy)

Patients and referring physicians may wonder about our policy of not participating with Medicare, Medicaid, and other managed care organizations (MCO’s). We feel we owe you an explanation regarding our motivation behind this decision, to clarify understandable...

Stem Cell Procedures and Safety

In light of a recent unfortunate incident involving the use of fat-derived stem cells to treat eye disease, we would like to use this blog post as an opportunity to explain the stem-cell procedures offered at RSI and emphasize the measures our team of physicians takes...
Covid-19 Update 😷

RSI is now conducting both in-person and remote visits for new and follow-up patients. To schedule a telemedicine consultation, MRI, or procedure, please call (646) 870-7997.

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