Our Philosophy

The mission of the Regenerative SportsCare Institute (RSI) is to provide patients with safe and effective musculoskeletal therapies that harness the body’s own natural capacity to heal and regenerate. At RSI, patients receive highly personalized care in a state-of-the-art clinic that allows for same-day diagnosis and treatment. Understanding that each patient is unique, Dr. Lutz and the RSI team of professionals embrace a philosophy of care that favors natural, pro-healing, regenerative treatments to improve patients’ overall quality of life.

What is the philosophy behind RSI?

As a patient at RSI, you will enjoy:

  • Personalized, concierge medical care in a state-of-the-art clinic
  • On-site imaging for same-day diagnosis and treatment
  • Open musculoskeletal MRI that employs green technology
  • Comprehensive, cost-effective care at one site and on the same day
  • High quality research and innovation in novel treatment methods

Regenerative Sports Institute Procedure Room

Personal, cost-effective patient care, high-quality research, and innovation in novel treatment methods have established RSI as the premier destination for musculoskeletal care.

Conveniently situated off a quiet corner in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill area.